Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Due to recent stressors, my face (and body) have taken a toll. I'm breaking out, my left eye won't stop twitching, and I have a lovely fat cold sore on my lower lip. I look like Rhianna after a Chris Brown beating. And to not help the situation, I haven't been getting enough sleep (can't seem to catch any Zzzz's before midnight). So to take matters into my own hands, yesterday I washed my face, got some medicine for the cold sore, and got some sleeping pills for the insomnia. And today, I still have acne like a 17 year old McDonald's worker, an even more swollen lip, and my eye is still twitching like crazy. So any suggestions on how I can get myself de-stressed? I've been trying not to worry too much, but I guess I can't even fool myself this go around. Maybe I need to blog some more? Exercise? I'm desperate at this point, so any real life suggestions would be awesome. I'm holding on by a thread.

P.S. I went ahead and got the shower curtain and rug, and they go perfect in our bathroom! Finally some color other than tan, white and black!

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