Tuesday, July 21, 2009


My life is about to be torn upside down. It's exciting, it's scary, it sucks, it's a good thing. There are so many emotions flowing through me right now, I'm not sure if I'm OK or if I'll bust into tears at any moment. My stomach is upset. I feel unsure and relieved. There are changes coming, and they are good and they are sad. I'm not ready to share what's going on yet, but I will soon. I'm still trying to wrap my own head around it all and waiting to see how it all plays out. Just keep me in your thoughts and send some good vibes my way. I need them...

Just a Blonde's Take

Monday, July 6, 2009


I'm a swollen puffy mess today. Boo to allergies, boo to over sunexposure, and boo to sodium. I'm going to go drink some water now and blow my nose. Love you all...some fun posts comming soon...

Just a Blonde's Take

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