Wednesday, March 25, 2009


You all will have to excuse my immature behaviour. Yesterday, I threw a Wal-Mart fit. You know the kind where you're shopping and you see a poor parent trying to control their screaming red faced kid. (Because apparently, they are the only ones that don't have the latest Hannah Montana Bratz doll) Yes, that was me, tossing things, yelling, wanting to hit whatever I came into contact with. All because of a culmination of bad fortunes and major stress. "Times are rough", and although I know they can be way worse, I had to let it all out yesterday in the most childish way. My poor friend Cycy...I'm so lucky that she's still my friend after witnessing the embarrassing display I made. Have any of you ever been witness to a "Wal-Mart fit"?

*Note that this "Wal-Mart fit did not take place in public, but in the confines of my home. At least I've learned one thing since being 5.

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