Thursday, March 5, 2009


I believe I have previously mentioned that one of my best friends is coming to stay with us from Paris, France at the end of the month; and that I've been busy (in between plumbing issues) getting her room ready (our guestroom). Well, back in December the Drummer and I purchased some bedding from good old Pottery Barn. Well, this bedding that we'll call Ogee (that's the style name given by the folks at PB) was on clearance when we bought it. Now it resides on our guest bed. Well, as can be expected with most clearance items that there is a limited supply and they were already sold out online; with no future plans of bringing this Ogee pattern back. Well, this weekend when the Drummer and I were in the shower, our little "Angel" Axel chewed a corner off of one! REALLY?? Are you JFKing me? Apparently there's something that tastes so good in Pottery Barn's organic cotton bedding that it just makes my otherwise "Angel" Axel, become the devil reincarnate and eat a corner off!! So instead of murdering him (too many witnesses) I hopped on ever faithful eBay to see if anyone was selling just the sham. Thank God someone was. So now, I have a standard and Euro sham on it's way to the house (sold as a set I guess, now we have to buy another Euro pillow), and of course since it's sold out everywhere else I had to shell out $54 bucks for a sham I already purchased for $10! I love our dogs, but sometimes I wish they would get jobs and start paying for their own way.

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