Wednesday, October 29, 2008

My Apologies

I'm so sorry dear blogging family for neglecting you for so long. My small crazy world has been unusually busy and so much has happened since I last posted. I'm also sorry that this post is going to have no rhyme or reason...I've got too many random bits of info to share that this is going to be all over the place. So let me get you all up to speed...

Well, currently I must admit I'm just a little bummed. My brother was here on leave for a few weeks and just left again this Sunday. This time saying good bye wasn't nearly as hard knowing he'll be home for the upcoming holidays. His visits are always too short and I feel like I never get enough time with him. But I cherish the moments we do get together and anticipate our next meeting. And let me just brag about him for a moment...instead of my Marine bro spending all of his money on getting wasted and taking out hot chicks he took his two sisters out (I was a little mad, I wanted to pay...what can you do though? I'm not taking on a weapon of the he calls himself) And Sunday when my parents came by the house to help me with my new garden (I'll elaborate) they presented me with a gift little bro bought for me. It was the ENTIRE Sex and the City TV series collection in the Hot pink fuzzy box and all! I think I may have mentioned a story about how I wanted it and would probably buy if for myself at Christmas. And apparently he got lil sis an Ipod! What? I couldn't and still can't understand what made him do that, (and not that I even care about getting gifts) but the thought was so nice and I love him for being so generous and sweet. Anyway moving on...

So like I mentioned I now have a garden in my back yard (thanks to the wonderful help of my parental units) My dad cut limbs, tilled the earth, and repaired a fence and step mom helped me dig up roots, measure, design, pick plants and oversee dad. She's a wonderful project manager! It's not quite done, I need to add a few more plants and some rocks and mulch, but overall I think it's a success! Tonight dad and I will be putting in some sod for the part of the yard that got torn up in the construction of my new porch...ahhh, yet something else for me to share! Now the hard part will be keeping everything alive! I've taken some before and after pics so those I'll share with you all soon!

So my new porch!! For those who hadn't experienced the worst back porch ever let me just tell you. Before the porch was made up of giant square cement pavers that had warped and sunken over the years which created a giant mud pit. When it rained water and mud would collect and my "back porch" suddenly became a giant bowl of mud and water. Not too much fun when you have two dogs you have to let in and out all day. So I contacted a friend that I know that does concrete and had him come out and pour me a new porch. (Again, before and after pics on their way). I must say I'm pretty happy with the end result. We had our first patio party a few weekends ago and it was just lovely! We finally got to season our Chiminea and bust out the pottery barn patio lights. Hopefully with the new garden many more patio parties will take place.

Moving right along, I must tell you all I'm super excited to share that me and the drummer will be embarking on our first trip together soon! We will be heading to the Big Apple, The city that never sleeps, the melting pot of America...yep We're going to NYC! We fly into Newark Airport in NJ and will be traveling back and forth from the shores of Jersey to the busy streets of Manhattan. The whole reason for the trip is so we can see one of our favorite singers, songwriter, producer, most hottest man ever play at Maxwell's in Hoboken NJ! Yes, you are correct I speak of the genius that is Butch Walker!!!! For those who haven't had him shoved down your throat by the drummer he is musical loveliness! Check him will not be disappointed. There aren't many musicians that I believe that put much emotion much less every ounce of their souls into their craft anymore. I was (force fed) introduced to Butch Walker when me and the drummer started dating. He always had him playing in the car or on the computer. So I thought his stuff was pretty good...I fell in love when we went to his show last year. The drummer to this day jokes that he could have asked me to marry him and I wouldn't have known because I was fixed on Mr. Walker. Hearing Butch Walker's music live is unlike anything I've ever experienced. I've always liked music but I've never been one to obsess or ooze about it. I don't consider myself a "music person". But all I know is something happened in that venue and some way somehow I fell in love with Mr. Walker on a level that I've yet to understand. It's not a romantic love or even a love for a's something so different. "Snap" Whoa what just happened? How did my post end up here?? OK, so now you see why we are flying half way across the country to see a concert. Nuf said. I'm excited to see all that the city has to offer and to be able to share it all with the drummer. Anyone have any good ideas on what to see or do? I've got a list going including but not limited to...The Bronx zoo, Coney Island, Ground Zero, The statue of liberty, Times Square, Wall street, Central Park, shopping (of course) and any local pub or cafe that looks too good to pass up!

And my last bit of info that's kept me away for so long, is my new position!! Yep, this blondie got herself promoted! It's quite different from what I was doing before so I've had to endure lots of training. I'm way pumped though and it's a nice change. I'm actually the boss instead of being bossed. I think that's what's been the hardest thing to overcome. Getting used to telling others what to do instead of taking orders and doing it all myself. Oh, just another step into becoming an adult. (when do we ever actually become one?)

Well, my lovelies I hope this starts to make up for my absence. I promise to try and not leave for so long again. See you all again if not before my trip, but after!

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