Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sample of Some Favorite Spaces

Here are a couple of my favorite spaces...I pull inspiration from them (and sometimes I completely rip them off by getting the exact rug or duvet or picture frame) I'm trying to open myself up to more color. Can you tell?

I love this room and all the mixed matched colors...the rug is to die for!

Even though this kitchen is a little all over the place, I love the different plates hanging together

Perfectly Zen

Well hello there little fella...and beautiful white chairs!

I'm so retro/traditional/modern/old world/classic/bohemian

Ahhhh...damask. And bright blue walls...I die!

I love the Navy walls and farmhouse feel of this bedroom

Yet it has subtle modern undertones

The best Yellow ever!

That headboard rocks my socks!

Bright Blue walls...I'm trying to find a place for them in my house!

I'm not even sure what that art piece is, but somehow I loves it!!

I love when folks group framed art and photos together on a wall, yet something else I'm working on incorporating!

***All Photos taken from Apartment Therapy

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