Wednesday, March 11, 2009


So you all know that I previously talked about ordering some new shams to replace the one my "Angel" Axel chewed up. Well I've been patiently waiting for them to arrive and I started to wonder where they were the other day. So I jumped on my email and found the message about, clicking on the link to track your order. Well, I did and to my surprise it said that it had already been delivered. As a matter of fact it had been delivered 4 days ago (2 were the weekend). So I'm just absolutely puzzled, until I notice that the city of delivery was different than the city I live in??? Hummm...ok, why is that? I mean I work in this other city and used to live there, but...OH CRAP! I scroll down in the email and find that I had the shams shipped to a house I haven't lived in in probably about 3 years. Great! Now how am I going to get them? So I coax one of my male co-workers to go over to the house that the shams mistakenly got delivered to, so I can see if the current residents are home and hope that they still have my package and are willing to hand it over. No such luck, go figure they're the only people who still have a job in this economic crisis. So I leave what can only be the most confusing note about how I used to live there, I had a package delivered there by mistake, I'm really sorry, please call me if you have it...yada yada yada. So then I waited, hoping to hear from them; in the meantime I send an email to the seller informing him of my blondness and how if it gets returned to him that I'm really sorry and have the correct address. Alas, a bit of luck. The residents call and say they have my package and they'll leave it outside for me to pick up. I can put your worries to rest. I have the shams safely stowed in my car and am waiting to take them to their new home. Mini crisis avoided!

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Deb said...

awesome. you had it sent to the old 3rd street house didn't you???!!!

captcha is.... jacks...

Blondie said...

Yes, I even amaze myself sometimes!

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