Monday, March 16, 2009


Spring is most definitely near. My closet is calling out to me for spring cleaning and there definitely seems to be a smell of Change in the air. Spring always seems to mark the start of a new season of change for me. I always get the "out with the old and under used" feeling around this time of year and this year has proven to not disappoint.

The drummer last week received news that he would be losing his job due to the economic times. He's in the oil and gas business and it's always been an unstable market. Week to week, day to day, he never knows if oil prices will tank and he'll be out of a job. Well, his small firm finally had to let everyone go. So instead of stressing and worrying about the loss of his income, we have been celebrating the fact that this situation has created an opportunity for him to embark on new ventures! I'm so glad he's now able to start playing more (the drums). He's already joined up with some new bands and is looking forward to rehearsals and gigs with them as well as with his regular band.

I've also encouraged him to really think about starting his DJ business with his brother like he has mentioned doing in the past! What better time than the present? I truly believe in karma and the vibes you put out into the world come back to you 10 fold. To me there is no reason why we can't look at this incident in the best possible way. What does dwelling on the bad and most depressing parts of life help anything? I have found my life so much more enjoyable over the last few years, by just having a pleasant attitude, seeing the good in everything, and looking forward to the challenges that life has ahead. I'm so excited for the drummer and all the possibilities that this opportunity brings. I know he'll make the most of it, and great things are ahead for him. Plus, I'm looking forward to getting to spead some more time with him. So with the changing of the season, we also find ourselves changing jobs, changing attitudes, spending habits, and closet spaces. What change/changes are you looking forward to? Happy Changing Everyone!!

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