Friday, May 15, 2009


Well, after posting about my lovely golden girl Riley, I had to dedicate a post to my man Axel. Bubby, as I like to call him, came into our lives last year in early June. I can't believe we've almost had him for a year! We adopted him from our local animal shelter, The Central Oklahoma Humane Society. They have a wonderful group of volunteers and I must say our experience adopting through them was wonderful.

Last year the drummer and I had been looking at adopting a Great Dane. The drummer really wanted a huge dog (bigger than our now 94lb. Golden) so we started looking at different adoption websites and even put in an application for one. Well, as you can tell that didn't pan out, and we ended up with Axel Bubby! He's a Great Pyrenees-Daschund-Rhodesian Ridgeback-Rottweiler-Airedale Terrier-German Shepard!! Wow, we were surprised when we got those DNA results in let me tell ya! Although, the German Shepard and Ridgeback are definitely noticeable...not too many other breeds sport permanent eye liner and beauty marks!

From day one Axel has been a joy (now don't get me wrong, there have been plenty of times that I wanted to kill him. Let's not forget the guest room, or Pottery Barn duvet dramas). When we first brought him home he was very timid and shy. He would cower and tinkle anytime someone new came over. He had definitely been abused and neglected. However that all soon changed. He came out of his shell with the help of his sister Riley and some tender loving care and attention. He's still continuing to learn his manners, but overall he's doing great for a 1 year old!

Some of my favorite things about Axel are:

1. Pouncing-this 85lb. dog pounces like he's a freaking garden cat! He has his favorite black ball (that came out of a toy he destroyed) that he plays with and there's almost always some pouncing going on when he does. He's so cute! I don't think a picture could do it justice, something you've got to see for yourself. It always makes me smile and laugh when he does it!

2. Pretending like he doesn't have the use of his legs-he's so clumsy. I think he's still growing...dear God, looks like we have a 100lb. plus dog in our future...and his legs are just so long and mess him up sometimes.

3. His ability to get me with his nose on my face no matter what I do to hide from him-I will be laying in bed and he'll come put his paws on the side of the bed and just start nosing me in the face. I try to hide with the use of the covers, but he always manages to get his little nose in there and get me.

4. His crotch/bare butt obsession-I actually find this pretty annoying, but I can't help but laugh sometimes. Every time I'm wearing a skirt or dress or robe, that dog is able to get his whole wet nose up underneath it and either get me in the crotch or hinney or BOTH! He's so fast and just flicks the material up enough so he can get in there. He doesn't lick or anything he just wants to goose ya!

5. The way he lays down-he lays down with both legs spread eagle on the floor. It's so funny looking to me.

Even though our history together is short and just starting, I don't know what the drummer and I would do if we lost him. He's such apart of our family now I can't image our household without him. He definitely spices our lives up! And as the drummer would say "He's a boy-ee".

**Please note that this green pillow no longer exists due to a certain boy-ee. RIP antique green pillow.**

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Deb said...

cute post. he has gotten so big and i can't imagine how big he is going to get!!!

Freckles Chick said...

Precious Axel! I LOL'd @ the nose in the crotch/butt thing. Hiro always does that, even to guests. They always think he's getting fresh w/ them but he's just saying "Why hello there". =]

Social Vibe-Peta