Thursday, May 14, 2009


****UPDATE! I've been Excused!!!!! Yay, now I can stop searching eBay for a DIY clone kit or teleportation machine!*****

I'm in jury duty hell right now! Now don't get me wrong, I'll all about doing my civic duty. My dad raised us to serve our country and take pride in it, but my little "civic duty/responsibility" is getting out of hand.

Several weeks ago I received a summons for Jury duty for the Federal District court. That was just fine and dandy! I was kind of excited...I'd never served jury duty before. And maybe I'd get on some awesome Erin Brockovich, O.J. Simpson, take 'em down kind of case. So Monday I reported to the courthouse, did the orientation, got sworn in and sat in on the beginnings of a case. Except this case was not as glamorous as I had originally thought. Something about an employer not paying overtime. Anyways, I didn't get picked. So they excused us to go home. Then the next day I was to come in and try to get called on for another case. We walk into the courtroom and there's tons of lawyers and boxes of "evidence". I think...Oh boy, this is the big one! We're gonna take these suckas' down!! Not so much! Again something uber boring about Anti trust laws, someone prohibiting competition or something about metal stuff. Anyways, again didn't get picked for that one either (which I was glad because it was supposed to last 2-3 weeks, and I don't know how much "evidence" I could take about sheet metal and aluminum).

So our little jury duty lady tells us that we'll need to call on Friday after 5 to see if we need to come in on Monday. Which I'm sure I will since I haven't been assigned to anything yet. Well, now I've got a little problem...I'm supposed to report for jury duty to the County courthouse on Monday! So I get the number from our Federal jury duty lady and call the county to inform them that I'm already serving jury duty for the Fed's and will they please reschedule me (mind you I'm super busy at work right now and this really isn't the time for all this jury duty stuff). He tells me that I have to come up there on Friday at 2 to fill out an excuse form and go before the judge to explain why I can't report for duty on Monday! REALLY?? Can't I just fax in my summons and letter stating I'll be tied up at Federal court until June 5th!! REALLY?? Just reschedule me...I don't care, I don't mind but I'll be a monkey's uncle if I can be in 2 places at once! Why the freak do I have to come up there and explain all that to the judge?? Can't you just mark me off the list and move me to a later time? Ahhhhhh! So frustrating...

So now I'm going to have to leave work early on Friday, probably report on Monday, possibly report on Tuesday (which will cause me to have to cancel my womanly yearly exam, which I won't be able to get another appointment for at least 2 months b/c my doctor is awesome and every "freakin A" person goes to her, which will cause me to have to call up there at least once to get a BC script called in to the pharmacy, b/c I'm gonna run out before my rescheduled appointment...grrrrrrr).

Calm...find your center...hommmmmm...namaste.

Ok, I'm OK.

So no Erin Brockovich coolness for me...more like Melba toast duty. I'll keep you posted, in the meantime make me feel better by telling me your jury duty horror stories...Anyone?

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Deb said...

it sure does sound like jury dury hell. i haven't been summoned to jury dury ever...yet; and i'm hoping it stays that way!!!

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