Friday, May 22, 2009

Cafe 7

This is one of my new favorite lunch spots! Cafe 7 Delicatessen and Pastaria is a wonderful place to score a quick and easy lunch (in no way am I sponsored by, endorsed, or given any type of compensation from Cafe 7 for saying any of this...I am just a mere peon to them, to them I don't even exist).

Here's the concept. They have seven items in each category (sandwiches, salads, pasta, and pizza), that come out in seven minutes or less, seven days a week, and everything is $7 dollars or under (and that's out the door, tax included!). They even have a create your own section in every category so you can special order your meal! That's what I did...

I got Rigatoni noodles, the creamy tomato sauce, black olives, red peppers, spinach, and artichokes! Yum! And they serve it with a piece of toasted bread. What a deal, for $7 bucks! The way you order is they have 4 different cards. One for each of the 4 different categories. One for sandwiches, one for pasta, and so on. You pick which one you'd like. You then can select any of the specialty sandwiches or you can create your own. You write your name on the card, and designate if you would like it to-go or dine-in and mark any sides you'd like (note the sides are extra, but only a dollar more for each). You take it to the cashier and they verify your order and ring you up! So easy, and so fast! And with all the quirky marketing schemes, one would think that the food wouldn't be quality. But not here. The food is great for the money and I find myself wanting to go back for "Bridget's specialty meatless pasta" dish!

Here are the menus you order from:

Hopefully there's one near you so you can try it out! If you've already been let me know what you thought!
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Deb said...

Never been but it sounds awesome! I'm going to have to try it very soon!

btw...anytime you want to venture to the farmers market, I'm definitely in!

Freckles Chick said...

I love this dining concept. 'Scuse me while I drool all over my desk.

And I love your comment on my headboard post. Weekend-non-hair-washers unite! =]

C said...

That sounds awesome! We don't have anything like that where I live. I live in the boonies on an island in the middle of the Great Lakes! LOL!

K, I'm gonna drool over your past pic now...

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