Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Water Woes

Instead of spending my hard earned dollars on buying fantastic throw pillows, or that new shower curtain I've been eyeing at BBB I'm being forced to have to pay for plumbing issues! Yay! I love when my dishwasher water leaks into my garage! Ha, NOT! Oh, yes anything I pour down our sink or that comes from the dishwasher is leaking into our garage! And the problem just keeps getting worse and worse. First my dad tried to come to the rescue and tried to figure it out, but alas it's still leaking. Now he's over at the house with a plumber who can't figure it out either, so now I have a hole in my bedroom wall (no other way to get to the suspect pipe) and the problem still remains. We think there's a clog in the suspect pipe, but it would seem like that's not the only problem. So what's a girl on a budget to do? Well, call the sewer guy and have him unclog the pipe first (cross our fingers and pray that's it) and then call the pipe camera guys and pay $250 bucks to have them JUST fish their camera in there and locate the problem, only to have to have someone else come out and fix whatever is wrong (which is probably under our slab foundation somewhere). Super swell! Needless to say this is not what this Blondie wanted to deal with in these harsh economic times. Anyone else have any homeowner horror stories?

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Deb said...

boo to home woes!!!! plumbing is the worst too!

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