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Ok, I really suck at this whole blogging thing. I have been absent for so long and I have only my lazy and unimaginative mind to blame. Sometimes I find it almost impossible to think of ideas and topics to blog about...I really think I'm too hard on myself to come up with some brilliant post that will dazzle all when in reality I just need to write about what I know and what's going on. So as a new resolution...I vow to post more, even if it seems like it's nothing. I feel writing is good for the soul and it helps my already bad grammar and spelling issues. And I find it funny that I get so upset when others don't have a new post. I'm a total hypocrite in this regard. I want all my favorite bloggers to post everyday and yet I go months without a word. Oh the shame (don't worry, I have Catholic Guilt I feel bad enough for everyone)! So here we go another post of randomness to catch you all up on what's been going on and I vow to post more frequently:

Ok, so the trip to NYC was great and not so great! We got to see about two things on my list and we had such a terrible time trying to get around that we spent most of the time frustrated about which way was north and why aren't there any hot dog stands around when we need one. I don't think you really can prepare yourself for NYC, I went to Paris last year and thought that that big city experience would have helped in the Big Apple yet it didn't. It really is the city that never sleeps. The whole reason for going was to see Butch Walker perform in Hoboken and that definitely was AMAZING! FYI Butch was on the Ellen DeGeneres show in early February with Pink and it was awesome!

Our garden, or should I say roped off dirt space...our dogs have totally ruined our garden. Half of what we planted was either eaten or trampled to death. We're gonna have to start again in the spring. We love our dogs, but man do they tear up a yard.

Speaking of which we FINALLY found out what our precious Axel is...datdadadaaaa:
Great Pyrenees
Rhodesian Ridgeback
Airedale Terrier
German Shepard
and I think there was one more but I can't remember...Can you say MUTT! Some were really unexpected, but it's fun knowing our doggy child's heritage.

Also, I was promoted this year. I am now an AVP (Assistant Vice President) of the bank! It sounds cooler than it really is...I mean I'm super pumped and it's a great honor, but I'm not making millions. And I will be the manager at our newest branch that is in it's final stages of construction. Yay, can't wait for new building smell (Side Note: I love new building smell, I think it has to do with the paint lacquer or wood stain fumes...gets me excited, however I feel the complete opposite about new car smell...ahhh gross makes me gag just mentioning it)

The drummer and I (check out that grammatical correctness!) are still going strong. I have gotten word that a proposal may be within this decade. Here's hoping. He's working out of town even more than usual. Now he's gone for two weeks at a time...I only get to see him every other weekend and then he's off again. Boo!! But I'm happy and thankful he has a job in this lovely economy, I know others have not been so fortunate.

Oh and more news on one of my favorite Photags...her home is being featured on Apartment Therapy as one of the 2009 home tours! It makes me want to slit my couch arms at how wonderful it is. Go check it out!

My most favorite French person is coming to visit at the end of March!! She's one of my best friends and lives in Paris as a musician (it's hard being her). Anyway, this will be the first time she's seen our house so of course I'm trying to get it all ready and have her room looking fantastic for when she stays.

And I've been trying to GO GREEN this year. Yet another resolution, however this one I've been better at sticking to so far. I use all my own bags when I's kind of become a new addiction (there are too many cute ones out there), I don't buy paper towels anymore. I bought a bunch of towels and flour sacks to clean up messes. I try to eat organic as much as possible and I'm looking into starting a compost bin! I'm trying to add one new thing a month so that by the end of the year I'll have 12 new things that I'm doing to help SAVE the Earth. I think new month is starting the recycle bin thru our trash service.

That's about all that I've been up to lately house, work, drummer, can't get any better. I'll catch you all next week, the drummer took the laptop with him so no posts this weekend...I'll let you know when I get my new couch pillow in!! I DIE!

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