Monday, February 23, 2009


Is there a way to be homesick, without being away from home? I'm finding myself homesick these past few days, except...I'm not away from home. I guess the better term would be drummersick? I'm missing the drummer a lot and when he's gone there are times that our home doesn't really feel like home. I'm there the dogs are there, but he's not. He's such apart of our lives and whether he's driving me crazy or making me fall in love even more, he's missed. Sometimes I feel like a "single mom" with just me and our doggie children. I spent most of my Saturday this weekend in bed. It just felt comforting to be in. Then to make my drummersickness worse, I rented Nights in Rodanthe. I love Diane Lane and my girl again didn't disappoint. I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday. I'm trying to get rid of a headache, but looking forward to our weekly girl's night! It's Black Bean and Sausage soup and salad tonight! I can't wait, it's a new recipe and in addition to sounding delicious, it's healthy too! I'll let you all know how it fairs.

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Deb said...

diane is a very good choice. and NIR will definitely make any woes even more woeful. but at least when the drummer comes home, you can appreciate the time together more!

and the captcha is..."prented"...

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