Thursday, February 26, 2009

Water Woes Update!

Well, there is good and bad news. The good news first? Water is no longer leaking into our garage when we use the dishwasher and sink. Bad order to make it a permanent fix, we are going to have to hire the camera guys and more than likely jack hammer some concrete. It seems as if there is a crack or break in the pipe that is located in our slab in the garage. Hopefully (keep your fingers crossed) That they will be able to access this problem pipe from in the garage and not our bedroom or kitchen...which that would mean tearing up the hardwood floors or cabinets, respectively. But the Sewer guys bought us a little bit of time yesterday by unclogging the pipe which was making the water back up out of the crack and into our garage. And so now I'm trying to de-stink my house for a party on Saturday (my cousin is getting married and his fiance and all our friends are coming over to put together their invites). All that unclogging and water in the garage has made the house stink like dirty sink/sewer. I may go ahead and spring for that new shower's looking like it might be the last fun thing I purchase for a while.

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