Tuesday, February 26, 2008


That's right I'm going to PARIS (and I'm not talking about the one in Texas) Those Parisians aren't gonna know what hit them. But in all seriousness I'm on freak out mode just a little. We leave in a week and a half and I've yet to find/get some luggage to haul all my goodies in. And since I have been in stress mode a lovely super chic cold sore has taken up residence on the corner of my mouth (don't worry this Blonde got some meds, so we should be good)! And as long as I don't leave my tickets, passport, money, and all other important trip stuff locked away at my work again I should be ok (yeah, I'll share that story). Aside from all of that I'm really looking forward to spending time with some of my best friends! Marlene is being the most gracious hostess and letting me and Deb crash at her place (gotta love free lodging). Along with playing hostess Marlene is going to be our tour guide, our cabbie and our translator. She's my French sister and I love her to the fucking moon and back (hope I don't offend, I only cuss b/c Marlene loves English cuss words). Anywho, I can't wait to soak in everything France has to offer...the markets, the bread, the men (oui, oui), and of course the sites. Paris is going to be this photographer's heaven (I only wish I had a more professional camera. Oh well, I guess a real photag doesn't need one right?). I've already started to mentally pack (Deb knows, she does it too...I'm not the only OCD one) and from the looks of my mental suitcase I have nothing to wear!! I'm so nervous about what to wear...will everyone think I look totally out of style and silly. I hope I don't look like a tourist...all I can see in my mind is some huge balding guy with a button up Hawaiian shirt, shorts, white socks with brown loafers and camera around his neck!

I really don't know how I found a picture of the exact man I described...I swear I didn't find the picture first!! Anyway, I am way pumped and I can't wait to share all my stories with you when I get back...now for those of you wondering what I was talking about when I mentioned leaving all my travel vitals at work here you go:

So me and Deb went on a cruise about a year ago for our friends wedding. I have my ticket book, passport everything I need in a nice neatly labeled (Deb!) folder in my desk at work. We were leaving on a Sunday. Saturday I get up and me and Deb are talking and packing when I realize I have left everything I need for the trip in my stupid neatly labeled folder AT WORK!! Well, I work at a bank and we aren't open past noon on Saturday and of course it was after noon! I rush up to work to find everyone gone! So I call my boss (no answer, go figure he has a life on the weekend) I call another co-worker/friend and get her password and code to get in and shut off the alarm (of course I can't remember my own) So I rush up to work and never having had to turn the alarm off and on I set the alarm OFF! Oh yeah, I did...I'm trying to retype my friends password over and over hoping it will work...No it doesn't so now the key pad is flashing red and more alarms are being set off by me running around like a chicken with it's head cut off freaking out and not knowing what to do (I did contemplate sitting on the back steps to wait for the police so they wouldn't storm in with guns blazing). But then I heard a phone ringing and being the ever clever girl that I am I remember that the security company tries to call in case it's a false alarm. So I dash across the bank picking up every phone I can (of course it's the last phone on the teller line and I had to slide across the sit down area to get to it). I answer out of breath and the man on the other end asks me if everything is ok? I go into my story about leaving everything for my trip at work and my code didn't work, gave him the id number my friend gave me (Thank God that was right!) And he gave me enough time to get my stuff and head out! I'm sure the security tapes are pretty funny to watch (of which I'm still trying to get and destroy, don't need that being shown at the Christmas party). I immediately call my friend to inform her that her code sucks and doesn't work in case she ever needs to go to work after hours (wouldn't want her to experience the same mental breakdown I did). So you can bet that this time I'm bringing my neatly labeled Paris Trip folder with me...BEFORE I leave for the weekend (b/c we are again leaving on a Sunday)! I really don't think I could forget again, I mean after all the torture I experienced the first time (ummm...Debbie please remind me to get my folder of stuff on Friday before we leave).

Just a blonde's take



Deb said...

hahahahaha! i remember that! the whole setting the alarm off and running around the bank thing...well i wasn't there, but i remember you coming home completely out of breath!

yes, i will need to remember to retrieve some much needed items from your work too! i can't forget!

C said...

LOL! OMG! That is HILARIOUS!!! I can only imagine what the security tape looks like! LOL! Too funny! :) I bet you'd get a lot of hits if you had it on YouTube! ;)

You girls are going to have an amazing time in Paris!!!

À la prochaine!

Tomate Farcie said...

Hello, I was on PDP, saw your nickname and laughed my @ss off, so I came to check your blog.

April in Paris can be a little on the cool side at times, or gorgeous, or rainy... It's really hard to predict the weather in Paris at that time of the years, so take layers of clothing and don't worry too much about what people think, because ... who cares?! You're going to have FUN! Most of all, take COMFORTABLE SHOES, no matter what they look like!!! You're gonna be sorry if you don't :) Paris is a walking town and people always underestimate the amount of walking they're gonna do when they get there.

I'm sure you'll have great fun in Paris. Enjoy! I love your sense of humor, by the way. ;)

Social Vibe-Peta