Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I have recently found inspiration from a friend of mine...aahem start a blog of my own. She has like 10 so surely I can handle managing one (note hints of scarcasim). So here it is love it or hate it! And for all of you crazy English majors out there let's just get somthing clear from the start, I suck at spelling and puncuation and I know it so there's no need to point it out...I know there's probably all kinds of things way wrong with my blog but my lack of skill in this area is something I've accepted. You should too. If your wondering where the title for my blog came from it was also inspired, no not by Debbie, but by my dad. He loves the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind (for all you non science fiction geeks it's basically a cheesy alien movie from the 70's). The movie title stepped into my mind (probably since this is all strange and forigen to me) and I took it from there. I'm not completely sure how I will use this space, but I'm sure whatever direction I take it it will evolve into something else. I guess that's how life is. Mine is no exception. I am not the same person I was 9 months ago much less a whole year. I have grown so much in the last couple of years and my priorities have changed. I'm now a homeowner (even though I have yet to move in) and watching way too much HGTV. I have a budget. I get excited about saving and paying my way to financial freedom. I get my hair done every 7 weeks as opposed to my every 5 weeks (and for those of you who were born naturally blonde but now that you've aged you aren't anymore but still want to be, know that's a long time to go without some highlights). Overall I appreciate everything I have more, and instead of dwelling on what I don't I look forward to having it someday! I'm looking forward to all the turns my life is going to take this year and hopefully this blog will help me share it all with you.

Just a blonde's take


Deb said...

Oh!!! I love it!!! I am sitting here reading and thinking in my head "uh huh," "yes," "true," and other interative actions.
The part about your dad and the scientific mumbo jumbo...I totally knew what you were talking about. The part about your changes in the past year...all good by the way. And the part about how wonderful I am!

tee hee. I am so glad you did this. It is very fun and therepeutic!

...and no. I totally wasn't going through and editing in my head. ;p

BlondeLittleShit said...

Yay! I'm so glad you liked (minus the bad grammer)! Hopefully I will do myself justice...I'm excited about this new venture!

C said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of blogging! I surfed in via Deb's blog.

What a great first post! Looking forward to reading more.

P.S. I'm one of those crazy English Majors! LOL! ;) I'm not that bad though! I don't go around to random blogs and start scratching words out or correcting punctuation or spelling with that imaginary red pen in my head. LOL!

Happy Blogging! Have fun doing this :) Like Deb said, it's very therapeutic and so much fun!

BlondeLittleShit said...

haha...sorry I didn't mean to imply English Majors were crazy. I think I'm really just jealous that you all get it and I don't! Thanks for the encourging words, I'm excited to share more!

C said...

Nah, you're right! We are all crazy! LOL! My husband tells me so! Actually, my mother tells me so! English is her second language, so she hates it when I 'help' her with her pronunciation or grammar!

Can't wait to read more of your blog posts!

Anonymous said...

AWESOME!!!! it makes me wanna blog too!!!

amk said...

Welcome, grasshopper, to the strange, perverted underbelly of the internet. It's F-ing addicting. Sorry to bust out with the F word on our first introduction but if, by any chance, you wander over to my neck of the woods and things that begin with F and sometimes S are upsetting to you, it's worth noting that you'll be meet with about seven hundred expletives.

Consider yourself warned, and welcomed.

Social Vibe-Peta