Thursday, March 6, 2008


So I love to bake! And Actually I'm pretty darn good at it. However on the opposite end of the spectrum I'm a terrible microwaver (if there is such a thing). I'm like Betty Crocker with an oven and like Jim Carry in Dumb and Dumber with a microwave oven. I have set butter on fire (damn foil wrapping), burnt popcorn til it was unrecognizable (what? you're not supposed to put it in for 5 minutes and then leave it?), and managed to overcook and under cook a lean cuisine all at the same time! Maybe I should consider myself talented and not stupid when it comes to microwaving!? I mean how many people do you know that can screw up nuking stuff that badly? I definitely didn't get my microwaving skills from my dad, or lack of. He used to microwave us everything! If it couldn't be microwaved or poured from a box we didn't eat it! I'll NEVER forget his famous green chicken. Tyson Chicken breast with poultry seasoning on top (that's the green part) nuked on high for however many minutes and you've got yourself me and my siblings our dinner every other night of the week! Don't forget the all important mixed frozen veggies that of course got zapped as well. And don't kid yourself thinking there was any kind of seasoning or spices put on them. Dad's motto seemed to be the more bland the better. My dad could even make scrambled eggs in the old micro! Not that they were the most appetizing looking things, but I guess we lived and I'm here reasonably healthy! So last night I'm baking some ever some yummy blueberry muffins for my boss's birthday today! I've got the batter in the muffin tin and I'm about to sprinkle the strussel topping on when I lick me fingers (yeah I was going to wash them before I touched anything else). G-ROSS! I forgot the sugar!! Instead of muffins they were blueberry biscuits. So I had to scoop the tins out and put the batter back in the bowl so I could put the sugar in! It was almost a disaster, but being the savvy baker I am I saved the day and they turned out great! I was scared for a minute...I mean I could have been stripped of my title: Bridget Betty Crocker the Bake Rocker! That's why any good baker knows you gotta lick your fingers! Right?

Just a Blondes Take


Deb said...

you forgot the sugar??!!! good thing you caught yourself before it all went the shit.

did american idol distract you or something?

Anonymous said...

will I get muffins??

amymalia said...

Wait, what happened to Paris? I finally have time to check all my blogs and I come running over here expecting to hear all about amazing Pierre so and so and smoking hot Jean Claude and we're talking muffins? Dude, give a girl a little something. Do you know how much. I wanted to go to Paris and well, I'll leave out the details but feel free to use your imagination. And cable.

Anyway, I'm here to insist that you A) spill the Parisian details or B) fabricate some. And if you're going to choose B, might I recommend reading a little Bukowski, just to get into the mood of it?

Social Vibe-Peta