Wednesday, March 3, 2010

The Birthday Girl

I can't believe it but my little baby Riley Belle is 6 human years old today! It seems like just the other day I bought her as a puppy with my traded in school book money. I don't know how I could have gotten thru the past few years without her. She's my buddy, and as much as her hair and constant need for being touched annoys me, I couldn't make it through daily life without her. Here are a few images of our adventures together over the last 6 years!

This was taken a few years ago with her former roomie Ruby, the bagel. I've always thought that Riley thinks Ruby was her own baby puppy...she'd let Ruby pull and tug at her ears all day without so much as a growl or snap. I think she misses the Roo.

Here she is mortified and overall unsure about her new life jacket. Girls ready to go out on the boat!

Here she is being a good girl and sitting in her new bed so mom can take a picture. It was the first and last time her tail touched that bed...oh well, more beds for baby brother Axel.

Here she is enjoying a weekend retreat at grandma and grandpa's...girlfriend loves her some snow!

Happy Birthday Ms. Belle (even though you are blissfully unaware of birthdays much less your own)!! Momma and Bubby love you!

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Deb said...

I think the Roo misses Riley Belle too! They need to have a play date.

I love the pic of her mortified in her life jacket. nice.

captcha: ralyclen
reminds me of: really clean or Riley Clean!!!

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