Thursday, June 12, 2008


(Flickering lights) And then blackness. That was last nights scene as I was trying to finally organize my closet. From what I can guess, we lost power due to the high winds. Probably some 100 year old tree lost one of it's trunks. The whole street was black. I was really glad not to be alone. The drummer just got in town earlier that day from working out of town or else I would have had to endure the darkness with just Riley. It was kinda sweet, b/c it was our first power outage together much less in our new house. The drummer couldn't believe I was able to light our whole house with my out of control collection of candles. (As I was unpacking them the other day I was wondering why a person could have so many and contemplated on throwing a few away) Whew, glad the pack rat in me prevailed and I had them all to use (see sometimes you really will need it). Anyway, the drummer and I were sitting at our kitchen table sipping on a couple of cold drinks just staring at each other not really knowing what to do with ourselves. The drummer just looked at me and said, "we rely on electricity way too much!"...I just started laughing and thought about people long gone and how they dealt without electricity. Then I started to wonder what in the hell can we do besides just look at each other...can't do laundry, can't watch TV, we can have sex I exclaim (his eyes brightened) wait nope not a good week can't do that either. Wait I have the perfect idea...we can play Boggle!! The drummer looks at me unamused and asks, "what in the hell is that?" It's a game I say and it's really fun. For those that have never played it's a spelling game where you shake a rack of lettered cubes and get them all in a space and find random words within the allotted time. It's really actually pretty fun. I'm not even a good speller and I can do it. The drummer seems a little leery about playing a spelling game, especially since he isn't a good speller either. But I convince him with my lovely charm and we play. He was really pretty good for his first time. I'm not sure who won since he didn't keep track,why play?, (the Monica side of me) but I'm pretty sure I did! So it's getting late by now and there's no sign of the lights coming on soon, so we go to bed. I tell the drummer to blow out the last candle and turn off the lantern. As soon as he does the lights and everything else we had plugged in turned on! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Oh well, we had fun and it was all sorta romantic. We got back up turned everything off again and headed to bed, Again. So my question to all of you is what do you do in a power outage?

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Deb said...

I sit and pray that the battery on my laptop can withstand the outage. :)

C said...

That was such a cute post! Uhhhhh...All I can say is that LOTS of babies are born 9 months after a big power outage! LOL!

Okay, I'd probably tell ghost stories and scare the crap out of myself. Actually, a power outage is the perfect time to go out stargazing if you live in the city. When else can you get completely dark skies?? :) If there's a wind storm (which probably caused the power outage) and things are flying everywhere (like cats and small dogs...mailboxes...LOL! I'm getting carried away!) then I don't recommend going outside with your better half and sitting under the stars. Could be dangerous!

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