Friday, May 23, 2008


"Is it hot in here, or is it just me? I wonder if these people have the ac on or what?" Just a couple of thoughts that crossed my mind yesterday as I was writing a nice big check for my new couch. Now, just a little history...I USED TO BE a big spender. I would spend a few hundred dollars on clothes or this and that at the drop of a hat. (I kinda had a problem, I'm an emotional shopper). Well I used to be anyway. I've changed my ways (can you say Budget Queen?) and now that I know that I'm like that I can prevent some pretty serious binges.

So going into the furniture store yesterday after work and buying a couch was a pretty huge deal...more than I realized at the time. I had to call and confirm my choice with the drummer. I remember at one point saying, "remember it's the one with the tufted back" to which I quickly came back with "I mean, with the buttons?". Like the drummer knows what the hell tufted means (forgot who I was talking to for a minute)!! So the ever so eager and surprisingly helpful sales lady asks, "have you made your choice? You going with the Berkley? WHAAAAAAAAAA, WHAAAAAAA, WHAAAAAAA, (alarms sounding in my head) Mini panic! Do I? or Don't I? AHHHHHH!!!!! (Ever so confidently, like the good pageant trained girl that I am) Yes! I made my fabric and wood color choices and before I knew it woman salesperson had my ticket drawn up and my plush total ready! Now don't get me wrong, I didn't spend a fortune. I was reasonable. But having gone from ultra Save mode to spending mode has been a little more difficult than expected. I mean, I swear I felt my throat closing up last night. Who makes themselves physically ill by spending money?? Jeeze! Next on the agenda...Refrigerator! Doom Doom Doomm!

Here is what all the stress was about...only difference is mine is a little lighter in color!

*And I scored a super sweet deal on a treadmill!! I'm on a role!

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Deb said...

i like the sofa! good choice! you are sounding like me. i have mini panic attacks whenever i spend money. you know how it is. :)

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