Tuesday, April 22, 2008


I am dedicating this post to Roomates! I've had my fair share over the years and I have to say, the ones I have now top them all!! Roomates can be great! They can provide wonderful company, financial help, as well as security. However, be warned that there are some REALLY BAD roomates out there. Luckly enough for you I have the 2 worst ones on the planet (sucks for me). For those who haven't heard the stories along the way, let me just give you a peek into why my roomates suck: (I will refer to them now on as the Hippie, and the Redneck)

1. The Hippie thinks paying a bill "on time" is waiting until they send you a cut off notice and paying it on the day that the utility company says they are cutting you off!

2. The Hippie thinks the check I write her every month for rent and bills is beer money and not for rent and bills (thus all the cut off notices).

3. The Hippie thinks cleaning her 4 cats litter box once every quarter is plenty and maybe she should cut back on cleaning it so much! (REALLY?)

4. The Redneck and Hippie think the floor and any other surface are great places for beer bottles, caps, cans, and used dip!

5. The Redneck and Hippie think having 20 people over during the work week til all hours of the night/morning drinking and carrying on outside while driving their vehicles really fast down the street making tons of noise is a normal activity that most people partake in.

6. The Redneck and his white trash friends think that threatening to take my dog and put a pillow case over her head while holding a big gun and taking a picture of it like terrorists and then sending it to me is really funny and a good idea!

7. The Redneck, Hippie and their friends think closing doors, much less locking them is just an option...especially when leaving the house.

8. The Hippie thinks it's ok to drive your car through your garage.

9. The Hippie and Redneck think cleaning is....actually I don't think they even know what cleaning is.

10. The Hippie thinks it's a great idea to buy a brand new puppy...especially when she has just gotten fired from her job and doesn't take care of the animals she already has. And of course needs a brand new digital camera to document the young pup! (while she doesn't look for a job)

11. The Hippie and Redneck think it's perfectly fine to have their animals SHIT in MY shower and then leave it...let's not forget to close the door back! (the only time that ever happens!)

12. The Hippie and Redneck think the garage is the perfect spot for garbage when the trash bill hasn't been paid. (For 3 months)

13. The Hippie thinks that cat vomit only adds to the decor.

14. The Hippie and Redneck think Tostino's Pizza is gourmet.

15. The Hippie and Redneck think it's ok to drink all my organic milk and eat all of my food and then drink and eat the replacements they bought before I do.

I could really go on and on, but instead of dwelling anymore on how terrible they are, I'm now redirecting my focus on being happy that I'm moving out and far away from them into my new house I bought! Even though it does kinda stink that I'm having to shack up with the parental units until my house is ready. At least I won't have to wallow in the nastiness of my roomates filth anymore!

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Deb said...

nay to hippies and rednecks!!!! they are so gross! i am super happy you are getting of there.

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